As part of our country’s geographical region ‘the Guiana’s’ can be found on the north by the Atlantic ocean, on the south by the Amazon river, and the west, by the Orinoco and Negro rivers. The Guiana’s can be divided among the eastern Venezuelan region of Guyana. These are Guyana (formerly British Guiana), Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana), Guyenne (formerly French Guiana) and parts of the Brazilian states of Amapá, Pará, Amazonias and Roraima.

Guyana, namely the Co-operative Republic of Guyana was previously known as British Guiana and associates it self with the Anglophone Caribbean because of it cultural ties and similarities in history. This beautiful country of ours was discovered by the Europeans in 1498 and for over 500 years it was govern by the Dutch, Spanish, French and British governments. Since British ruler ship in 1831, Guiana was known as British Guiana up until 26th May 1966 we became and Independent nation and on the 23rd February 1970 we became a Republic. Thus, attaining the name Co-operative Republic of Guyana.

Some interesting features of Guyana are the ancient pre-Cambrian ‘Guiana shield’ where the Guiana highlands are located; the warm, slow shallow fishing grounds known as the Guiana current; and the large ocean area beyond the coast referred to as the Guiana basin are some great features of our country. Other interesting facts can only be viewed if you take a trip to this beautiful heaven of ours.

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