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This website is YOUR digital travel Guyana guide for your upcoming adventure in Guyana. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to make your Guyana travel experience an enjoyable adventure of a lifetime.

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Guyana Travel

So, now that you’ve decided to visit Guyana, you’ll want to know about the following things:

  • Flights to Guyana – you’ll want to organise your flights to Guyana through your local travel agent or favourite online flight booking engine. We recommend:
  • Hotels in Georgetown – Many people use Georgeotown as a base from which to begin their Guyana adventure. If starting your guyana travels in Georgetown, for saftey reasons it’s wise to book a hotel in advance and arrange for them to pick you up at the airport. After a long flight there is nothing like knowing you’re not going to have to haggle for a taxi straight off the plane.
  • You’re going to want to know the Guyana language, while it’s officially English, many people speak Creole. Find some useful tops to understanding Creole on our Guyana Language
  • You’ll want to know how safe Guyana is, luckily our team have created a whole page dedicated to this topic. You can check it out here.
  • You’ll probably want to find out about the Guyana population, who the local people are, where they come from and what their customs are. Check out our People of Guyana page for more details.
  • You can find out about what’s going on in Guyana on our Guyana Festivalspage
  • And you can get a good idea about what’s in the Guyana area and how to get from A to B on our Guyana Public Transport page.

We are not a Guyana tours booking service. However, this website will provide you with a really thorough overview of everything you might wish to consider before booking a tour through an independent operator.  Some of the links we use are affiliates and give us a small commission (at no cost to you) which helps keep our website up and running.


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Where is Guyana Located?

Guyana is located on the northern coast of South America.  At almost the size of Great Britain one can find a tropical paradise called Guyana. When you look at a guyana map, you will see this tropical paradise borders Venezuela to the West, Suriname to the east, Brazil to the south southeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Making the Guyana area one of rich cultural diversity. It is the only English speaking country in the whole of South America.

As part of our country’s geographical region ‘the Guiana’s’ can be found on the North by the Atlantic ocean. On the South by the Amazon river, and the West, by the Orinoco and Negro rivers. The Guiana’s can be divided among the eastern Venezuelan region of Guyana. These are Guyana (formerly British Guiana), Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana), Guyenne (formerly French Guiana) and parts of the Brazilian states of Amapá, Pará, Amazonias and Roraima.

Guyana, namely the Co-operative Republic of Guyana was previously known as British Guiana. The Country associates itself with the Anglophone Caribbean because of it cultural ties and similarities in history.

This beautiful country was discovered by the Europeans in 1498 and for over 500 years it was governed by the Dutch, Spanish, French and British governments. Since British rulership in 1831, Guiana was known as British Guiana up until 26th May 1966.  At this time, Guyana became an Independent nation and on the 23rd February 1970, a Republic. Thus, attaining the name cooperative.


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Some interesting features of Guyana are the ancient pre-Cambrian ‘Guiana shield’ where the Guiana highlands are located; the warm, slow shallow fishing grounds known as the Guiana current; and the large ocean area beyond the coast referred to as the Guiana basin are some great features of our country. Other interesting facts can only be viewed if you take a trip to this beautiful heaven of ours.

Guyana tourismis an astounding adventure because it is well off the beaten path of most South American tourists. Despite the history of political instability, it is a country of rich cultural experiences and stunning wildlife and natural beauty.

Guyana Tours

If you’re thinking to visit Guyana, or even if you’ve already decided to visit Guyana, then you’re one of the lucky few considering an adventure to this wonderful destination. When you visit Guyana, you might only ever see a handful of other travellers. If heading out of the main areas of Georgetown, you will need to go prepared with local currency, as ATMS are scarce.

Heading to Guyana can be like stepping back in time. Into a different age where the pace is a bit slower, and less insane than that of the modern world. Having a sense of adventure is a must for this kind of off the beaten track destination.. As you may not be able to always find the mod cons that you’re used to and Guyana generally has fairly poor infrastructure and a pretty shoddy safety record. Many people choose to book guided tours that take you on adventures into the heart of the country. It is popular to stay in quaint Amerindian villages or go on wildlife safaris (where you might be lucky enough to see a jaguar or a giant ant eater).

You can also get minibuses around, hire 4WDs or hitch hike to get to out of the way jungle lodges if prepackaged tours are not your thing. If you do decide to hitch, it is suggested you never hitch alone and have read up about how to hitch safely and considerately.

Visit Guyana

One highlight that you shouldn’t overlook is Kaieteur Falls. These are an easy day plane trip away from Georgetown the capital. The magnificent waterfalls are the largest single drop falls in the world.   Given the low number of tourists in Guyana, you may very well have the place all to yourself!

Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city, is quaint and yet has a bad reputation of violence and armed robberies.  Certain areas are best avoided and many choose to use Georgetown as a stepping stone to other parts of the country. You can find out more about the safety precautions required in Guyana, on our safety page.

Lethem, another of Guyana’s major towns, is an island of human activity amongst an ocean of forest. Though it is small, it is still a major centre and has a fine array of services suited to travellers. Its a great place to visit at Easter, as it’s annual Rodeo is held around this time (though if you’re opposed to using animals for sport and entertainment, you’d be best to stick to observing them in their natural habitat out in the jungle).

Amidst the red dust, the Brazillian shoppers and the odd cowboy, you might enjoy wandering the small farmers market while you await your next bus.


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