Visit are many attractive places in Guyana.

Travel to Guyana is a lot fun! Guyana has a variety of tourist attractions that range from beautiful buildings, art, historic sites and monuments, nature, our culture among others. Some of these places are described and listed below:

Guyana Museum:

is located on North Road and has a collection of flora and fauna, archaeological findings that illustrates pre and historic arts and craft of the Amerindians and other peoples in Guyana.

Guyana Heritage Museum:

this museum holds a large assortment of 18th and 19th century maps, coins, stamps and other artifacts.  A fine collection of books by Guyanese authors was persevered in the museum. Other objects that is preserved in the museum include such items such as irons, enamel lunch carriers, ice-shavers and three-legged iron pots.

The Museum of African Heritage:

this museum came into being in 1985, and at first was known as the Museum of African Art and Ethnology. The Museum showcases the livelihood of the African people in Guyana. Its vast collection includes items of African art, mostly West African, varying from the wooden mask to the carved door of secret societies. The Museum’s main aim is to make the people aware of the meaning and reasons behind African art traditions. The Museum also has a collection of practical pieces such as brass weights used for measuring gold dust, drums, musical instruments, games and clothing.

Kaieteur Falls:

this incredible waterfall is 700 ft high and is one of the most astounding waterfalls in the world. Many endangered species are easily observed from this place. Kaieteur Falls is easy assessable by both land and air.


Botanical Gardens:

is one place with large collections of tropical flora in the Caribbean. In the gardens ponds, canals, kissing bridges, and bandstands can be found. The gardens also have a zoo which includes a variety of  species such as birds and fishes. The gardens is known as one as the popular recreation park and has a wide variety of tropical flowers, palms and lovely lilies. Park and has a wide variety of tropical flowers, palms and beautiful lilies.

St Georges Cathedral:

is one of the tallest wooden building in the world with 40-meter high spire. The St Georges Cathedral was designed by Sir Arthur Bloomfield and was opened in 1982. Tourists often visit this church.

 The Rupununi Weavers Society Museum at Lethem:

this museum is associated with the Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology in Georgetown. This museum was built to create awareness among the people of Guyanese indigenous cultures. The museum displays the Amerindian artifacts and antiquities, archival materials and other intellectual resources.

Demerara Harbor Bridge, Guyana:

this bridge is a toll floating bridge which is 6,074 feet long. The bridge began its operations on the 2nd of July 1978 and bridged boasts to be one of the longest floating bridges in the world. Construction of this bridge began as early as 29th may 1976 with help from the British Government. This floating bridge is 1.25 miles long and has 61 spans.  An interesting fact about this tourist attraction is that the toll is collected only in one direction from east to west travel although the bridge takes care of traffic in both directions. The bridge links people of Georgetown to the people of the west bank. The construction of this bridge has helped in the promotion and growth of business and trade across the country.

Orinduik Falls Guyana:

this is the most visited tourist attraction which is located on the Ireng River. The river is situated on the border of the Brazil and Guyana merges with the Takutu River and later merges with the Amazon River. This fall enhances the beauty of the Pakaraima Mountains on which this spectacular attraction is located. The falls are called Orinduik Falls because is the Amerindian name of the famous aquatic plant present at the falls. A number of aquatic plants are found on this fall some of which have herbal qualities. This fall is a treat for all nature lovers and is a romantic ideal place to take your beloved for a memorable outing.

Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology:

is the most visited tourist attraction in Guyana and is one of the oldest museums in the country. This museum was established in 1974 but was not opened to the public until 1982. As the name suggest the museum is an anthropology museum which is run by a non-profit organization that was created by the government of Guyana. This organization is responsible for the collection, exhibition and conservation of the artifacts which showcases the amazing cultures of Guyana. This museum was founded by Dr. Denis Williams famous archaeologist of the country. This museum is fully equipped to provide information for all levels of research.