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saxacalli beachOur businesses were built in the early 1990's and were further established in the year 1999. It is governed by a sole proprietorship under the governance of Ray and Camille Boodhoo. We can take care of all your needs whether travelling inside or outside of Guyana. Old Fort Island Resort is our latest fort island tourproject which is estimated to be completed and functioning by mid 2012.       Image: Saxacalli Beach        

Our motto is “strive towards excellence for a better tomorrow guaranteeing our clients 100% satisfaction”.

Image: Fort Island



Thinking of visiting one of our majestic waterfalls?  Then come, let us take you there. Kaieteur Falls, the thunderous cascade of water, falling from a sheer drop of 741 feet, is a natural feat of ancient origin, stretching back deep into the mists of time , which can be enjoyed by your family and friends. The famous cock of the rock bird and golden frog can be seen at our majestic falls.

kaieteur falls

Image: Kaieteur Falls

boat  chartersEssequibo River & Marshall Falls Tours is a day trip filled with lots of fun thrilling activities, our jet boat awaits your arrival to start your journey to Fort Island, where you can visit Fort Zealandia which was built by the Dutch in the 17th century.fort zeelandia




                                                                                                             Image: Fort Zeelandia

Other Tours Include:

City tour, Lethem Rodeo, Berbice road trip, Shell beach, Baganara Island Resort, Arrowpoint Resort/Santa Mission, Lake Mainstay Resort, Bartica Regatta.

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Georgetown Branch Office

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Highlights : Kaieteur Falls, Fort Island
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