To do things when you travel to Guyana

What you can do when you are in Guyana?

Travel Guyana caters to your every enjoyment; there would never be a dull moment whilst here in Guyana. Since there is so much to see and do that your stay will be too short to be a part of all the activities. There are tours that take you to visit towns and slave villages that are still in existence today. City tours are provided, that would take you in and around Georgetown or any other town, to view our colonial wooden buildings that are still standing strong today.

To do things when you travel to Guyana

Maybe you have an interest in the people and their way of life. Well… Guyana is the best place to travel. We have a diverse mixture of people who still practice to some extent religions, beliefs or lifestyle of the ancestral ways. Come and experience the way of life of the Guyanese people, be it Amerindian, African or Indian.  Religious and non-religious festivals are celebrated at different intervals or time of the year whereby Guyanese take part, no matter what race or religion you are part of. Or you would prefer to spend your time at one of our beautiful resorts. Enjoy activities such as bird watching that would take your breath away with over 200 to 300 species of birds that can be found on the coast and interior regions of Guyana.

Other activities to part take in are jungle trekking or walking admiring the beauty of the area. Take in scenes of flora and fauna of the different species that are found there. For all you mountain lovers, you can take a trip up the majestic Pakarima Mountains and Kanuku Mountains. Whilst hiking to see the famous Cock-of-the Rock bird which can be found at Wowetta an Amerindian village. There is the famous butterfly farm which houses a host of different butterflies. At this farm they show you how they care for the butterflies, how they breed the butterflies, what they feed on and how they get knew butterflies to stay on the farm. There is also the breathtaking view of the Canopy Walkway which is located at the Iwokrama center. This is one of two floating bridges located in the Amazon.

For local entertainment in and around Guyana there are Jamzone summer festival, Linden town week, Lethem Rodeo, Bartica Regatta, Rockstone Fish festival among other activities that are held throughout the year. Also there are local plays that can be viewed at the National Cultural Center, Theater Guild, and other cultural centers.  Throughout the year there are religious and non-religious festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Pagwah, Eid-ul-Azah, Diwali, Emancipation, Indian arrival, among others that you tourist can be apart of.

Guyanese cuisine can be found around the city and around other territories of Guyana. Restaurants such as the Coal Pot, New Thriving, Golden Coast,  Barrows restaurant and Lounge among many others that can provide the taste of Guyanese splendor and variety. Guyanese Creole cuisine comes from the various ethnicities in Guyana.