Sporting in Guyana is an activity that attracts Guyanese country wide to any particular area for different sport events that is either held at the national stadium or sports centers. These sports activities aim to generate as much revenue in order to create new resources for the development of local communities and the development of the country as well. One of our main sports in Guyana is cricket which was introduced by the British when they had colonized Guyana and the Caribbean. Some sporting activities that are played in Guyana include cricket, football, rugby, boxing, motor racing, among others that is played worldwide.


Img: Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Georgetown, Guyana

Cricket is played and enjoyed by all Guyanese including the young, the old and the indifference. Some of Guyana’s most renowned cricketers are Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Narsingh Deonarine, Ramnerish Sarwan, Carl Hooper, Travis Dowling, among others. These players have made significant contribution to the development of sports in Guyana. In that they have pushed the way forward to sporting development in Guyana. Football is another major sporting activity that has Guyanese travelling from all parts of the country to experience it. The Kashif and Shanghai football association is a group that helps to promote young and talented players whom have the ability in the field. As well as promote community development.


Img: Guyana National Park

Motor racing is another popular sport that has been in existence for a very long time bringing competitors from the Caribbean and the world at large. This sport has also created an explosion in attracting people from country wide as well as overseas.