Public transportation

If you plan to travel to Guyana, this section can be useful! Public transportation in Guyana is diverse, as there is always a mean of transportation anywhere you in any part of this country. TravelGuyana wishes to introduce you our guests to the very outstanding public transportation sector of Guyana.

Image desc: Demerara Harbour Bridge, Source:wikipedia, License: CC

The Capital city of Georgetown is complimented by a vast number of taxis that are operational throughout the urban sections of Guyana. The taxis are very easily found at every corner of the capital city, for example there are taxi bases located within the environs of the Stabroek market complex and the avenue of the republic, along the central business districts.

There fares are relatively fixed pertaining to the distances that are desirous of the passengers for the transport. Trips to the various places around Georgetown primarily cost Guy$300.00.

Individuals desirous of having private taxis are can be arranged through the hotel of their sojourn or the option of calling and making a reservation through the vast numbers of taxi bases throughout the capital city of Georgetown and Guyana.

Public transportation in Guyana is ultimately eccentric as there are some forms of transportation called mini buses which are very affordable to the general public. The mini buses can be seen around Georgetown and to various parts of the country.


Imgs: Public transportation across Demerera river and a light house

Short drops around the environs of the capital city of Georgetown, with the mini buses are relatively Guy$60.00.  Along the out skirts of Georgetown the costs range from Guy $100.00 to $140.00.

Car rentals are also a primary option for guests as they are effective for those guests who are desirous of traveling around the country by their own. The price of car rentals within Guyana ranges from US$30-50 daily which also advocates the security deposit of US$200-250 which is payable by the individual desirous of renting the vehicles. This payable amount is dependable on the types of vehicles rented.

Some of the routes that would be visible on the front and back of the mini buses are as follows:

  • – 31 – Georgetown to Wales
  • – 32 – Georgetown to Parika
  • – 40 – Kitty to Campbellsville
  • – 47 – Georgetown to south Ruimveldt
  • – 46 – Georgetown to lodge
  • – 42 – Georgetown to Timehri
  • – 44 – Georgetown to Mahaica
  • – 43 – Georgetown to Linden
  • – 45 – Georgetown to Main Lamaha/ Albert Street.
  • – 50 – Georgetown to Rosignol
  • – 63 – Georgetown to Moleson creek
  • – 72 – Georgetown to Mahadia
  • – 94 – Georgetown to Lethem.

There is various bus parks located around the environs of the capital city of Guyana. These parks are located as follows:

  • – Kitty/ Campbellsville – Croal Street and Demico house area
  • – Main/ Lamaha/Albert streets – Croal Street and Demico house area.
  • – Berbice – Hinck Street.
  • – East Coast – Regent Street, avenue of the Republic area.
  • – East Bank/Linden/Timehri – Hadfield Street, Public Buildings area.
  • – West Demerara – North of Stabroek Market area.