Night Life in Guyana

Night life in Guyana caters to every possible taste for nocturnal entertainment. There are places and activities for everyone. The street that rarely sleeps is known as Sheriff Street, that is the place to be for lots of action and a variety of activities. A group of business owners in 1966 from Sheriff Street created a slogan for their street called “Sheriff Street neat and sweet, where the tourists meet.” They are a number of discos on this street such as Sheriff, Buddy’s, Tennessee, among others. The Blue Iguana located in Albertown caters for persons interested in dancing the night away.

Alternatively, If you prefer to just hang out and engage in sporting activities such as a game of pools, then Buddy’s Pool hall on Sheriff Street and other pool bars will be able to provide such services and may even to participate in some of their regular competitions they sometimes have. There is a line up of outdoor bars, fish joints and restaurants that can be found on Sheriff Streets and around the city that caters to the tourist’s disposal. Camp Street is another street that comes to life mainly on the weekends with its hang spots and restaurants and bars. Such as, Jerry’s Restaurant and Bar which have become very popular every Friday nights and even throughout the weekend. Patrons would normally park along the road corner to eat, sip and chat. Karaoke is hot at Jerry’s every Saturday nights. Also at Jerry’s that is found on Garnett Street also have Karaoke.

edge night clubOn Main Street is the ideal place for club hopping from the Edge night club to Mojo’s to Pegasus. Other disco’s that cater for persons who just want to have fun are the Loft, Club Latino, Bollywood Night Club among others that caters to the hottest Latin, Indian, Caribbean and Hip Pop rhythm that you would so love. To add to this they are a number of places for person who which to have a quiet evening in a stylish and fashionable bar such as Bistro 176 located at Cara Suites, Sidewalk Café and Jazz Club, Black Magic Bar located at Hotel Tower and Celina Restaurant overlooking the ocean along the seawall.

On the other hand, travel Guyana caters for families or persons whom would just love fast foods restaurants they are familiar with and so love. These would include Mario’s Pizza that is located on Camp Street, KFC, Pizza Hut, Churcheskfc and pizza hut in guyanaChicken, OMG, among others. Or if you’re interested in Asian foods you can check out New Thriving, KAMBOAT, among others. Or you can just visit one of our fish shops that are very active on a Friday nights. They are many night bars and spots, bars and discos to choose from to have a night to remember.

Img: KFC and PizzaHut in Georgetown, Guyana