Linden, Guyana

The town of Linden is located 65 miles up the Demerara River on the eastern bank, and is accessed by road and river to Georgetown. This town holds one of the most important mineral in the country that can be known as bauxite with ocean-going vessels to Linden to load their cargo.

This town was previously known as Mackenzie but renamed Linden in 1966 after the first former President Linden Sampson Forbes Burnham. Today Linden is made up of Mackenzie and Wismar which can be found on the west bank of the Demerara river opposite the Mackenzie shore as well as Christiansburg all come together to form the community of Linden. With a population of just about 70,000 persons Linden can be known as one of the country’s second largest town and population center. This used to be the country’s largest city but it own grew in size.

Rockstone Fish Festival in Linden

Rockstone Fish Festival in Linden


Travel to Linden is the terminus for the East Bank Highway. That is buses owned and operated by GTS (Guyana Transportation Services) and privately owned minibuses that regularly transport passengers and cargo to and from Georgetown and other parts of Guyana. Railways, whose sole purpose is to transport bauxite, ore and miners, have their termini at Linden. Before the completion of the Linden Highway to Georgetown, a ferry used to ply the Demerara regularly between the city and Linden. Even though the ferry service has long been terminated, launches still use the route for the transport of mainly goods and cargo to and from Georgetown.

There are a few small hotels in this town: River View, Barrows Hotel restaurant and bar, Star Bonnet Hotel, Massive Inns and others.