Lethem city

rupununiLethem is one of the most important interior settlements in Guyana which is located in the Northern Rupununi Savannahs on the Guyana-Brazilian border. It is about south of the Takutu-Ireng confluence and is found on the right bank of the Takutu river. In 1981 the population of Lethem was said to be 800 persons making Lethem the second most populous of the 24 settlements of the North Rupununi.



Lethem is an important trading post and administrative centre with many people including Guyanese, Brazilians and Venezuelans who conduct business with each other.


Due to the construction of the road that would link Guyana to Brazil it is predicted that Lethem will experience considerable growth in the future. A plan was developed which would enable Lethem to cope with development, housing, population and other anticipated needs.

rodeo lethem