Health Care system in Guyana

The Health System of Guyana is very essential as the health of the Guyanese are made the best of priority. TravelGuyana has the wonderful task of giving you the opportunity of learning about the most important system in the land of Guyana.

Guyana’s Health system is governed by the Ministry of Health and is located in Brickdam, Stabroek, and Georgetown. This ministry is headed by the minister of health, honorable minister DR. Leslie Ramsammy who is responsible for the effective operation of Guyana’s health system. The ministry of health has the responsibility of ensuring that the healths of all Guyanese are prioritized.

Guyana’s health system is complimented by a diverse number of hospitals. There is one public hospital which is located within the capital city of Georgetown. This hospital is cordially known as the Georgetown Public Hospital. There are a number of private hospitals located within the capital city of Georgetown. These hospitals are as follows:


  • ST. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital which is located on parade street, Georgetown.
  • Prashads Hospital located on Thomas Street.
  • Davis Memorial Hospital located in the lodge backlands.
  • Balwant Singh hospital located in Camp Street.
  • Woodlands Hospital.
Img: Davis Memorial Hospital

There is a potential risk of malaria which is endemic to various parts of the hinterland regions of Guyana. TravelGuyana would like to implore you to consult your doctor for the required relevant information and precautions pertaining to this health risk, if it is your intended place of travel.

The coastal regions are malaria free and by thus it is relatively safe to travel to these areas without the threat of potential health risks. Tourists are implored to drink only distilled waters which are bottled for personal uses and can be found at any supermarket or shopping complex.

TravelGuyana wishes you our visitors a safe journey to our land.