Guyanese Politics

Politics in Guyana is eccentric as TravelGuyana seeks to allow you to discover Guyana’s wonderful political emergence.   Guyana’s political regime consists of the two main political parties which are the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and the People’s National Congress (PNC). These two parties are very popular within the Guyanese population, as they have acquired most of the seats in the national house of assembly.

Img: Parliament Building of Guyana

Guyana gained its independence from Britain on the 26th May, 1966 and became a Cooperative Republic in the year 1970. This paradigm shift introduced Guyana to acquire its first Executive President who replaced the then governor general. Guyana’s first Executive President was Mr. Linden Forbes Burnham.  The new constitution which came about in the year 1980 automatically gave the president full executive powers.

The president of Guyana is the head of the cabinet of the country and the national assembly comprises of sixty five (65) members who are generally elected by the proportional elections.  Travel Guyana would like to enlighten the tourist population about the political history and politics presently in Guyana.

An amended constitution was introduced in the year 1956 which gave permission to the return of a representative government. The general election in the year 1957 showed the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), won the majority of seats in the legislative council and Dr. Cheddi Jagan, along with four other members became ministers of the executive council.  Guyana’s first president was Mr. Arthur Chung.

On the 6th august 1985, Mr. Linden Forbes Burnham died in office and was replaced as president by Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte. Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte also replaced the late Linden Forbes Burnham as the leader of the People’s National Congress (PNC).

The general elections which occurred in the year 1992, showed the defeat of the People’s National Congress to the People’s Progressive Party/civic as the victors with Dr. Cheddi Jagan as the victorious leader. On the 16th December 1997 after the general elections allowed the People’s Progressive Party/civic as the victors again and as such after a few shifts in the party’s governance,  Guyana’s current president Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo was elected as president of the Cooperate Republic of Guyana.