Guyanese economy

Guyana’s economy is mainly dominated by agriculture activities. This is mainly done along the coastal plain (also known as the alluvial belt). This sector accounts for half of the country’s GDP producing rice and sugar for export. Other operations include timber and a variety of other products such as coffee, fish and fruits, respected brands of rum, and gold, bauxite and diamonds and now focusing on ecotourism.
Travel to Guyana and you will be able to take part in or visit old sugar estates to witness the process of making sugar-this will be from harvesting to pre-packaging.
In Guyana you can experience some of Guyana’s key economic features whereby structured, especially in the areas of land use, which can be traced back to Dutch stewardship. This dates back to the Dutch West India Company (1621-1792) which looked over most of the colonies of that time until the Dutch granted the British settlers ownership of over 100 hectare of land. And as well while you are her you can visits some of the Dutch forts such as Fort Zeelander still stand in their original structure.
Img: A craftsman in Avenue on Main Street, Georgetown, Guyana
If you travel to Guyana and you will find, when flying overland over the coast large tracks of cleared swamp land that has been expanded inland from the sea. Many of Guyana’s large sugar plantation economies were established by this when the Dutch left, but their systems and practices still exists now such as the dykes and drainage canals on the coast are still utilized today.
Img: City Mall, Georgetown, Guyana
Since our economy is giving an eye to tourism or ecotourism to be exact have been growing due to the interest of tourist of our pristine product. This has led to the introduction of hotels and resorts country wide, community tourism, events such as Jamzone, Main Big Lime, mega concerts just to name a few; cricket, football, Linden Town Week, Maharini, Amerindian Heritage month, etc. We encourage you to visit this beautiful country of ours where you’ll never have enough to do such as bird watching, hiking, historical tours and even our festivals we can’t wait to have you with us.