Guyana or Guiana. Which one is correct?

Most persons are often confused with the name Guiana and Guyana. That is, the region which is known as “Guiana” or “Guayanna” combines the large shield landmass that covers the north of the Amazon River and east of the Orinoco River. In the Late 19th and 18th centuries there were five sub regions that were drawn out that formed the landmasses. These were known as Spanish Guiana, Portuguese Guiana, British Guiana, Dutch Guiana and French Guiana. The word Guiana is said to be an Amerindian word that means, “The land of many waters.”

During history, Guyana on the other hand, was changed form British Guiana to Guyana after she gained her independence on the 26th May, 1966 and on the 23rd February 1970 she became a Republic nation thus making its name the Corporative Republic of Guyana. Guyana is made up of the three Dutch colonies. These are Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice. Guyana is border by the Suriname to the east, south southwest Brazil, west Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean to the north.