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The Education system of Guyana is very diverse as Guyanese are fortunate to have a well rounded school system. TravelGuyana wishes to enlighten you about this spectacular system.
Guyana’s education system is complimented with a rounded system that ranges from the nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary level. The education systelibm within Guyana is governed by the Ministry of Education, and this Ministry is headed by the Minister of Education Honorable Mr. Sheik Baskh. The Ministry of Education over looks all the aspects of the education system of Guyana.
national library of guyana
Img: National Library of Guyana
The nursery system of Guyana aids in the educating of children of ages ranging from three years (3) to six (6) years.  Children are taught the basic visual and reading skills. The primary system educates children from the ages of seven (7) to eleven (11) years. At the completion of the primary education, students would have the opportunity to write the secondary school entrance examination which is also known as the (SSEE) examinations.
This examination allows students to enter a secondary school. The secondary level of education educates children from the ages of twelve (12) to seventeen (17) years. At the end of the completion of the secondary education, students are given the opportunity to write the Caribbean secondary examination council (CSEC). The tertiary level education is complicated by the highest tertiary institution in Guyana, which is the University of Guyana (UG).
There are other institutions that serve as subsidiaries for the tertiary education which are the Cyril Potter Collage of Education (CPCE) which is an institution that trains and further educates potential teachers.
There are a few schools that were established at the commencement of the education systems of Guyana. These schools are as follows:
The Bishops High School       - 94 Carmichael street      tel # 226- 2475. This high school was originally an all girl’s school.
President’s Collage - Golden Grove ECD.           Tel# 255 – 3016. This high school allows students who are living out of the city and hinterland regions to attend a high school.
Queens Collage – Camp Road.     Tel# 226- 9547. This high school was originally an all boy’s school.
Saint Joseph’s High School – 23 wool Ford Avenue, Thomas lands. Georgetown.  Tel# 225-0894. This high school was originally established as an all girl’s high school.
St. Roses High School – 245 church street south cummingsburg.
 Tel# 226- 5109. This school was originally established as an all girl’s school.
St. Stanislaus College – 3 Brick dam Stabroek. Tel# 226-0072. This school was originally established as an all-boys school.
st.stanislaus college
Img: Students of St. Stanislaus College walking uptown
TravelGuyana has described to you the magnificent education system of Guyana and its founder schools that have been around for generations. The above mentioned schools are Guyana’s top senior secondary schools and by such students give their utmost to gain a chance to attend one of these schools.
Guyana’s educational system is very functional as all aspects of the education system are treated with the highest priority.
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