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The word “Corriverton” is a contraction of three words- Corentyne, River and Town. This is located on the estuary of the Corentyne River on its western bank of the river and this includes Skeldon. This town faces Suriname on the opposite side of the river and is the point of going to Paramaribo of the Dutch colony.

Corriverton is the port for which products from Guyana are being exported overseas. As one travels along the highway at Skeldon, one will first need to cross the railway tracks which are used to transport sugar and it’s by products from the Skeldon sugar factory directly to ships at Corriverton. As well as timber that is produced from small sawmills that is located in and near the town of Corriverton.

It is said that Skeldon is one of the busiest and is the most important of the three sub-towns. Skeldon market is as busy as Bourda or Stabroek everyday of the week and virtually one can find anything or any service is available to customers. Needless to say, there are strong business and economic ties between the town of Corriverton and Suriname. That is, a Surinamese Company called Alesi bought and now owns and operates much of the rice industry, especially purchasing from local farmers and as well as marketing of the product.

Like Georgetown, Skeldon and Corriverton is a growing town and they must plan to accommodate thousands by being able to provide more social services that will accompany the projected growth. These towns also have its own ‘Wall Street’ where foreign exchange transactions are carried out.

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