Bartica city

Bartica is located 50 miles upstream at the confluence of the Essequibo and Cuyuni rivers. This town has approximately 20,000 people and is known as the gateway to the interior because roads link this town with large areas of the interior.

central bartica

Bartica is an important settlement which provides services to the interior area but not as important as in the glory days where gold mining was done by small groups of gold seekers called “pork knockers” who used to travel by large vessels to Bartica where they bought their ration and supplies. After they had gained gold and diamonds through hard and dangerous work the pork-knockers travelled back to Bartica where they sold their newly found precious metals.

first avenue of Bartica

Image descr: first avenue of Bartica, source: wikipedia, license: GFDL, author: barticastar

Bartica is still an administrative and economic center but their economic value and importance has declined due to the fact that most employees of mining companies fly directly from Georgetown to the mining regions of the interior for that reason Bartica is no longer a stopover point.

A ferry operates from Bartica to Parika transporting people and cargo between the two towns. In addition they are local paper boats which bring newspaper daily from Georgetown to Parika to Bartica every morning. During the 1960’s a plan was developed which entailed the development of a road that would link Makouria with parika. This project was called the “Del Conte Project” which was named after a Venuzelan company who acquired the contract.


Unfortunately this was abandoned after a small portion was completed. The Guyana government intends to complete that  road that would eventually link Georgetown to Brazil.

It should be noted that Makouria is on the river bank therefore making it necessary to use ferry to link the road with Bartica.

Image descr:first avenue of Bartica, Source: wikipedia. license: GFDL author: barticastar